Social Safety Net

Social Safety Net Sustainability

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Optimal health relies heavily on the synergy among physical, emotional and environmental factors. Americans achieve optimal health, as measured by length and quality, through their lifestyles choices and access to care. Disadvantageous and vulnerable circumstances impact the availability and accessibility of healthcare and influence lifestyles choices. The federal government created the Social Safety Net to mitigate the disadvantageous and vulnerable circumstances in 1934 as part of the New Deal Initiative (Moffitt, 2013). In response to the economic challenges created by the Great Recession, the Federal government reduced funding for Social Safety Net services with...

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Social Determinants of Health and Health Outcomes

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Social barriers to accessing health care negatively impact health outcomes for low-income families contributing to the rise of health care costs in America (Lyons-Taylor, 2014).  According to the University of Wisconsin Public Health Institute (UWPHI; 2013), working in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF; 2012), four health factors influence health outcomes (and the assessment of population health) as measured by morbidity (quality of life) and mortality (length of life). According to UWPHI (2012), the four factors include health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors and physical environment. Social factors influencing health...

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